I was interviewed on one of my favorite blogs yesterday: The Great Discontent. It’s a long interview and covers all sorts of topics, including how I got into design, why I dropped out of my grad program, and what I do at 1:14am. See the interview here.

I love TGD for many reasons, but let me list a few:

First, they don’t shy away from long-form content. Interviews are as long as they need to be, unedited and full of a variety of topics. Tina does a remarkable job transcribing the hour long (in my case) conversation. I’ve done transcription before, and it’s no easy task. I like this because it’s rare; you just don’t see really long interviews on the web very often.

Second, from a design perspective, the blog is fantastic. The responsive design keeps everything looking good across platforms – it’s one of the best implementations of it I’ve seen. The typography and layout are also both spot-on.

I also love the format and how simple it is. The featured interview takes over the homepage and becomes the TGD page for that week. Next week, it’s someone new with old interviews kept in the archive. Featured + an archive. Done. Love it.