This is the best wall clock money can buy. When considering a wall clock, three factors are relevant: style, value and utility. No clock excels quite like Ikea’s PUGG in all three categories at once.

Style: The PUGG, as its name suggests, may not be gunning for a spot at the MOMA, but it’s mid-century modern at a glance, and that’s all most people give it. While close inspection reveals the PUGG houses some clumsy numerical curves, at a distance it looks like a stylish artifact from a time long past.

Value: When you take price into account, the PUGG dominates. It retails for $15. Wall clocks in this weight class typically resemble props from daytime television, not classic timepieces.

Utility: The PUGG performs its primary function of displaying the time, for a long time. It runs on single AA battery and lasts approximately three years. When it’s dead, it stops. You can read it at a distance in any light. It ticks like a clock should.

It’s hard to write an article on clocks and not mention the Max Bill. This is my favorite wall clock, but it cannot be considered for the above prize due to its price. The PUGG cannot be beat when you take all three factors into account.

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