This is Lookout, a new camera that looks ahead, so you can keep looking down. Finally, you can see what’s in front of you, without ever having to look up from your phone.

Lookout is enabled by a breakthrough camera system which allows the lens to tilt forward and constantly stream your immediate surroundings to an intelligent overlay, at the top of your screen.

A visionary awareness algorithm is what alerts the Lookout display to activate whenever your attention is split between your phone and your life. So you know you can feel free to keep your eye *off* the ball.

At last, you can drive to work while you read the morning paper. Or go sightseeing while you catch up on email. Basically you never have to do this, anymore.

You hear people say that we look down at our phones too much. What if the problem isn’t that we’re all looking down, what if the problem is that we ever have to look up at all?

Don’t look up, Lookout.