If the title of this article initiates your gag reflex, join the club. Link-baiting froth like this is slowly driving me crazy.

Is there some rite of passage in tech-writing that requires periodic abstinence from random social-networks? The slapdash article with a catchy title is hardly a new tactic, but must it snake its way into every inch of tech journalism? Drenching something in hyperbole only amplifies the flaccidity of the chosen topic. You might as well write an article on ‘How Society has been Changed by Technology’. Fascinating!

I wouldn’t normally concern myself with the dronings of strangers’ online travels, but in these particular cases, I can’t escape. Just about every website, periodical and blog I visit has succumbed to this specific malady of content. I find the whole mess to be about as interesting as a post-game interview with an athlete.

I hope it stops.

If not, well, then I quit the internet.