We visited Tulum recently; below were some of our favorite spots to chill and take square pictures. This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive guide, just a supplemental list of suggested spots to grab some VSCO-worthy stills. I’m planning to do more lists like this, follow me on Twitter to stay updated.

Hartwood ↑

Hartwood is uncontroversially the best restaurant in Tulum. The food is incredible and the vibe is overwhelmingly sultry. What makes it a great photo location is the lighting: in the early evening, the sun sets at the back of the restaurant and cuts through the heavy smoke from their brick ovens. It creates a constant “heaven light” over the roofless dining room. Snap a couple shots out front while you wait in line forever (or better yet, find a hotel that can make you a reservation).

Jashita ↑

This hotel is about 20 minutes away from the heart of Tulum and is packed with great angles. Its beach is one of the most photogenic (something not all Tulum hotels can boast). If the pictures above strike your fancy, consider staying at Jashita; otherwise I’d suggest staying closer to the main Tulum drag. Jashita is probably the most luxurious option though, as evidenced by the ridiculous pool.

Posada Margherita ↑

Posada is probably my second favorite restaurant in Tulum (after Hartwood). It feels like a mix between The Surf Lodge and a juicy heirloom tomato. As you walk down the pathway from the road to the beach, it appears as if the owners have prepared a series of perfectly manicured square shots for you to snap. Just look at the facade, where a dormant white jeep sits, serving more as a prop than a transport.

Mayan Ruins of Tulum ↑

If you Google Tulum, this is where most of the pictures will be from. The reason is the gorgeous contrast you’ll find here, between the coastal ruins and the impossibly blue ocean water. Technically there is a beach here, but it makes for a far better photograph than swimming hole. It’s too small to support the crowds that descend the cliff’s rickety steps. Consider Playa Paraiso (not pictured) for a swim instead, it’s on the way and also has some incredible photo angles.

Coqui Coqui ↑

This quaint little hotel is/was an Instagram darling—a favorite of bloggers and models alike. Unfortunately, recent events closed the hotel, along with many others along the coast. Hopefully it will reopen soon — as you can see above, it was a gorgeous location.

Gitano and the Main Drag ↑

Like almost every stop along Tulum’s main drag, Gitano is a masterful combination of jungle and tattered architecture. The atmosphere is unlike anything you have experienced. And look, another dormant jeep! Get a drink or dinner here, then wander between the nearby bars (like Arca) and wilderness haunts.

There is a ton more to do in Tulum (Cenotes!) but this article is focused on spots that will combine photogenic squares with solid places to chill. I hope you enjoy! Follow me on Twitter for more (London is next).